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Musical Crisis in The UK

So, we have known that the future of music programs or fine arts classes in general were in jeopardy for years now, but this article from the UK makes the premise that much more real and inevitable. The grim but blunt truth behind the vanishing of music programs is that without funds, children will not be able to enjoy music classes and as a result, may not be able to realize their true potential. Think about the thousands of artists who took advantage of invaluable music instruction to help their songwriting or to set them on a correct path.Recently, the large London umbrella company, UK Music who deals with different aspects of music production, put out a new report in which they outline “challenges facing the future of British music, including education, infrastructure, and access to finance.” The music industry, especially in the UK has been a lucrative and sustaining market for years. However, the factors listed above “place future industry growth under threat.”It is obvious to say that without public music programs, we wouldn’t have a lot of the talent we have in the world today. One musician who has voiced his opinions as a strong advocate for music education is the pop icon Ed Sheeran. Sheeran has stated that “I feel very strongly about this. I benefited hugely from state school music, as I’m sure many other UK musicians have. If you keep cutting the funding for arts you’re going to be damaging one of Britain’s best and most lucrative exports. Anyway, one to think about.”
In their report, UK Music outlines that even though consumers continue to listen to music at a constant and even higher rate now, the industry is still losing money. A major reason for this is the advent of various streaming sites that allow users to have essentially unlimited access to an artist’s entire catalog. The report also gives possible solutions for how to overcome these and other issues.If the UK is now finding these issues linked to the music industry and music education, the US is most likely in the same boat. That is why preserving music education is so important!

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