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KTBA Donates Percussion Instruments to Middle School Music Program

KTBA Donates Percussion Instruments to Middle School Music Program

School Name – Echo School

Teacher Name: Ms. Elizabeth Halloran, Social Worker

SOUTH HOLLAND, IL – Thanks to your donations, KTBA donated brand new percussion instruments to students at Echo School. This includes a deluxe steel drum kit, concert toms, bongos, and a snare drum w/ stand.

The following words are from Ms. Elizabeth Halloran, recently appointed social worker for Echo Schools.

“I work as a school social worker with students ages 8 to 22 years old in a self-contained school in the south suburbs of Chicago. Every aspect of the students’ learning is modified to fit their individual needs and gain academic and life successes.

I love coming into work every day and not feeling like I’m working at all.

The students get off the bus smiling, greet me when I come into the classroom, and are willing to work through challenges they face on a daily basis.

Teaching students about social emotional learning comes naturally in the environment I work in and a majority of these students are receptive to the lessons, getting in touch with their feelings, and what tools to use to cope effectively. One specific way is through music.

We have been able to start a music group for student singers and percussionists to learn new songs, how to work effectively with groups, and following directions.”

Currently, the school’s ensemble groups are prospering. The students participate in creating artwork to represent the class and they take personal ownership of their accomplishments.

Although the singers are able to work together on a regular basis, the percussionists have been left out.

“Bringing more diverse percussion selections will enhance the learning experience of music to our participating students, Halloran adds. “Many of our students who are currently using the limited instruments we have are non-verbal and can use sound and rhythm as their main form of communication. For example, the Wah Wah tube is a ground instrument where students can feel the vibrations as they play. Additionally, students learn structure, working in groups, and overall gaining a tool for self-regulation of emotions.”

Thanks to the generosity of Joe Bonamassa fans and music lovers like you, Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation was able to donate the necessary instruments for Ms. Halloran’s music program. We look forward to their thriving new projects and their collaborative performances!

Elizabeth expresses her gratitude:

Dear Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation, Inc.,

Thank you so much for funding the Rhythm Nation Project! I am so excited to inform our students that they will be able to use new instruments in our upcoming practices and performances. This donation will assist in expanding our students’ musical experience and knowledge of percussion playing. Music is a universal language and one that can only be felt from the inside out. I am so happy to continue our program and give our students this positive experience that they so dearly deserve.

With gratitude,

Ms. Halloran

Every week, Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation makes a donation to a school in need of music instruments, supplies, sheet music, and more! Your donation helps us to keep music in schools, while preserving blues heritage.

If you would like to help us fund next week’s project, click here to make a donation! All donations are fully tax-deductible!

Thank you for keeping music education in schools!

Shawn Hagood for Keeping the Blues Alive

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