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School of Rock Receives Tuition Scholarship

Keeping The Blues Alive in South Florida!
We teamed up with General Manager Burny Pelsmajer and Music Director Christian Davis to offer a full tuition scholarship at School of Rock! Ryan and Matt, both 15 yr old students of the West Broward and Coral Spring schools received a scholarship to attend private lessons and rock band rehearsals! Click on the video to hear Ryan's story.
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"…to help others in the way that B.B. King helped me."

Joe Bonamassa explains why he started this foundation.
Joe Bonamassa's Keeping the Blues Alive 501(c)(3) seeks to promote Blues Music by creating awareness about Blues Music and its impact on our culture, to the next generation of youth. Additionally, its goal is to provide funding for music programs and educational scholarships!
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Donation of the Week

KTBA Donates Music Software to High School Hayward, CA. – It’s another great week for the foundation as we plow through our donations and really feel a sense of urgency and accomplishment! This week, with our emotions running high, we reached out to Mt. Eden High School wh
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Donation of the Week

Mitchell, SD –  Well, it’s back-to-school season again!  For all of those parents, teachers, and students out there doing all their school shopping and curriculum planning, Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation would like to wish you all a prosperous, adventurous, and product
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Donation of the Week

KTBA in the Final Frontier: Donations in Alaska! napaskiak, ak – Thanks to your donations this week, KTBA has achieved yet another milestone since we started our weekly donations back in 2012! We have officially donated to a school in each of the 50 states, demonstrating our nat
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Donation of the Week

Students Take Musical Journey Around the World Thanks to your donations this week, Keeping the Blues a Alive Foundation donated a slew of instruments in Chandler, Arizona! Most of the supplies included a Continents of the World photo book series, a world map, arts and crafts materials
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Donation of the Week

wichita, ks – Students at Bostic Elementary School in Wichita will have an exciting school year this fall!  Their love for music class has been blooming more and more throughout the years, and Ms. Barker had done all she could to help them reach their potential. “They enjo
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Blues News

Blues Highlight

The Blues Of Robert Johnson In Full In late August of 1990, Columbia Records released The Complete Recordings, a compilation album that encompasses the entire recording career of the one and only Robert Johnson. The late blues master’s iconic and unquestionably influential music
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Blues In Motion

Black Joe Lewis Unleashes “Golem” - Austin-based Black Joe Lewis showcased its unique mixture of blues, funk, and soul as the band shook and rattled the walls of the KEXP studio with “Golem”, from 2013′s Electric Slave, on November 29th, 2013.
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Still Blues

Mississippi John Hurt And The Coffee(house) Blues - Cherished country bluesman Mississippi John Hurt was captured by photographer Joe Alper as the folk revival hero performed at the Caffè Lena in Saratoga Springs, New York, circa 1964. The coffeehouse, the oldest continually running e
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Testimonials - Here are some things that people are saying about us!

  • In my name, my teacher's assistant's and my future students for next school year's name, we would love to thank you for your kindness in giving us new musical instruments. I am pretty sure that they will love to play these new instruments during our music time next school year. Especially playing new, different, and cultural instruments that probably they have never seen nor heard before in their lives.  Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the new musical instruments!
    Mrs. Arellano
    Chicago, IL,
  • I would like to personally thank you for your incredibly kind donation. The students are equally excited, as they look forward to using the professional drum throne for drumming and the pro cables for all of the stringed instruments.. Learning and playing music helps adolescents in many ways. Peer interaction, confidence, an engaging interest in school, and the increased ability to listen carefully are all honest benefits of music education. With your donation, these benefits will come to life as students enjoy the teamwork of being in a real band. Thank you so much for the drum throne and cables. You may have just created a future Grammy Award winner!
    Mr. McCabe
    Gridley, CA,
  • I would whole heartedly like to thank you for taking the time to view my Magnificently Musical Middle School Students project and also personally make a contribution towards it. Your support and generous funding has allowed my students to receive their first school bass guitar and amplifier for our school jazz band. I know they will be thrilled to hear how it impacts our sound and enhances the ensemble.  thank you so much for taking the time to support music education and making a difference in students lives."
    Ms. King
    Taylor, MI,
  • In a time of high stakes testing and education being used as a platform for personal agendas rather than to nurture the different abilities of all children the students need to have opportunity for growth and success in other disciplines. Thanks to people like you our children will have this opportunity. Our administration and parents are strong supporters of the arts. With your generosity our music program will thrive for many years to come. Without even meeting our students you have had a positive impact on their lives and education.
    Mr. Stephens
    Staten Isl, NY,
  • Thank you so much for your generosity! Music means so much to my students and school community. We are so excited that you believe in a well rounded music education as we do!  All the instruments we are able to now add to our music classroom will help students with more hands on learning and allow students to practice skills such as decoding, analyzing music, working as a group and building their confidence! Playing a musical instrument will be not only a great experience for these students, but also allow them to have a well rounded education!
    Ms. Parr
    Bronx, NY,
  • Thank you so much for your contribution into our music classroom. Your gift is important to us as we seek to learn more about reading and more about the world of music. These books are a way to integrate reading and music.  Here at our school, our students want to learn more about music and other arts. We want to make all their learning experiences fun and meaningful. Our students are gifted individuals and I am confident that giving students a love for music at this young age, will continue to have an impact on them throughout their lives.
    Mrs. Huntsinger
    Arden, NC,
  • I am sure that you know of the power that music and the arts can have a huge impact on students lives. We have been able to use this keyboard in some simple but effective ways over the past month or so.  It is great to have an smaller keyboard here that we can use pretty much anywhere. We are hoping to get a hold of more of them to eventually set up a keyboard lab.  Thanks again for all you help in making this project a reality!
    Mr. Sensor
    DuBois, PA,
  • I cannot thank you enough for your contribution to my students and my music classroom. With little to no funding for new instruments or repairs for existing ones, the guitars received through this project were greatly needed and appreciated.  The guitars you helped purchase have affected my students in several ways. Many of them were overwhelmed to find out that people would be willing to help fund new guitars. Their motivation also increased when given the opportunity to play these new instruments! Again, thank you for helping fund this project and for supporting music education!
    Ms. Estep
    Seth, WV,
  • Thank you for your generous donation! My students could not be more thrilled about the new materials! The guitar tuner has been awesome! It is the most precise guitar tuner I have ever used! My pianists are really excited to learn some new songs! The blank CD's are an imperative resource and material in my class room. The mandolin strings will be great in case a string breaks. Your generosity has made a positive impact on my students, as well as our music department as a whole. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind donation.
    Ms. Leech
    Providence, RI,
  • Thank you for investing in this band program! The impact you have made with these students is immeasurable, as we are situated in one of the top forclosure zip codes in the U.S. and majority of our students are Title I/Free Lunch programs. We are still growing, projected to nearly double in participation again next school year! We have also started the school's very first Jazz Ensemble! Thank you again for your support, we truely would not be as successfull without you!
    Ms. Alvarez
    Las Vegas, NV,
  • Dave Helms from Muncie Music Center came to our school and fixed even more instruments than we though possible!  It was an incredible experience for our kids to watch Dave work, and the look on their faces as he made their instruments work again was priceless!  Thank you so much for supporting our classroom, we COULD NOT do this without you!
    Mr. Bieda
    Muncie, IN,
  • Thanks again for donating music stands to our band and orchestra program! We will now be able to play together simultaneously (band, orchestra, and choir) without the interruption of moving music stands around during the performance.
    Mrs. Brewster
    Renton, WA,
  • We have begun using these [new] books in our after school Jazz Band rehearsals. They have really helped us understand the jazz style of articulation and rhythm counting, and our swing and bop tunes have taken on new life.  Thanks again for your generous donation. It means a lot to our music program!
    Mr. Povie
    Savannah, GA,
  • The instruments have started to arrive and my students are very excited to see them! We would not have been able to get these instruments without your donations.
    Mrs. Larsen
    Miami, FL,
  • "Thank you for your generosity in funding our elementary music project. It is inspiring to receive so much assistance from others who support music education in public schools.  You have assisted our students in reaching their full potential this school year."
    Mr. Garrett
    Tulsa, OK,