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Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation fuels the passion for music by funding programs and scholarships for students and teachers who possess the desire, but lack the resources or access to achieve their potential within the music industry.  Through generous corporate sponsorship….

Torchbearer Scholarship

Full Ride Scholarship Funded at Musicians Institute!

los angeles, ca (as of June 1, written by Guitar Player Staff) Musicians Institute—the College of Contemporary Music in Hollywood—has announced the brand new Joe Bonamassa Torch Bearer Scholarship, offering $35,000 in tuition credit to support the educational growth of a newly enrolling MI Guitar Program student. Sponsored by Bonamassa’s own non-profit Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation, the scholarship will be awarded to a student who demonstrates overall outstanding musicianship, advanced skills, and the potential for developing a unique sound...
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Are budget cuts affecting your music program?

Submit your under-funded music project here! Together, we can keep music education in public schools!

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To date, we have funded 167 music projects, 6 scholarships, across 50 states, reaching over 32,000 students! Look at what we have accomplished with donors like you!

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Torch Bearer Scholarship

In Memory of Nicholas Potts

Scholarships: In many public education systems in America, music and arts programs have been experiencing budget cuts and budget restraints for decades. Additionally, as students become increasingly burdened with the pressure of private and federal aid, many have sought scholarships and grants to assist them in their journey for higher music education. Aligning with our mission, Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation is committed to supporting music education programs across the country. By funding under-served school systems and providing financial assistance to deserving, full-time college students, we have created the KTBA Torchbearer Scholarship Award. Why Support Our Scholarships? The cost of living in college has risen...
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