My music program is in desperate need of a grant. How can I apply?

Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation is committed to supporting music education programs across the country.  By funding under-served school systems and providing scholarships to deserving, full-time college students, we are keeping music education alive in America.  Fill out the form to the right, and tell us how we can help your music program achieve its true potential!

How do you choose which projects are funded?

Our highly knowledgeable staff of music and business graduates and entrepreneurs carefully review each submission ensure its validity, cost-efficiency, long-term benefits and more.  The more information you can provide us regarding your music program, its goals, successes and short-comings, will help us create the ideal grant for your school to increase its achievement potential.

KTBA is also a proud member of – an agency which specializes in non-profit accountability and transparency.  Our generous donors give willingly to our organization because we sow the money directly to the schools with music projects that are intended for the betterment of the music program and have lasting value within the school district and the community.  We also have a tremendous amount of experience from many angles of the music industry – not just education.

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