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Reading is Musical

This week’s donation story is about a school in Arden North Carolina whose music teacher, Mrs. Huntsinger, wanted to create a music curriculum in supplement of the reading program!

We loved this story because it proves that it truly takes a village to raise a child – and in the case of music education in schools across America, it takes a strong unity amongst school faculty to have a successful music program.  The students will have a much more balanced learning experience, and the subject areas will begin to compliment each other. Mrs. H explains, “We, as teachers, seek to use every opportunity to teach reading, writing, math and other core subjects. As a music teacher, I want to assist in this process and yet continue to teach music as well. These 12 books about the music of Brahms and Clara Schumann, books about different instruments, books about shapes in music, jazz music and other books about the job of just making music are key in that process.”

This class project was critical to ensure a successful integration of special needs students in the regular classroom and to expand all of her  students’ exposure to musical concepts and great composers throughout history.  The classroom was full of eager youngsters who were creative and assertive.  Some of the students had physical and mental disabilities.

After reading about this school, we decided to contribute to her fundraiser.  Because of our supporters, these class projects are hands-on ways that we can impact many schools across the country – not just the ones with extraordinary talent and resources!  We believe that every child matters!

Dear Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation – thanks so much for your support of music education. Gaining a love for music in elementary school can give my students a love of music for their lifetime. Thank you so much for investing in them. My students will be so excited to learn more about drums and percussion, more about Clara Schumann and so many other books which allow me to integrate reading into my music classes. It is really exciting to have some new materials. I can hardly wait to share them!

With gratitude, Mrs. H – Glen Arden Elementary School

If you would like to help us fund the next music project, please consider making a donation today!

If you would like to look up the book titles for YOUR classroom or child, check out the list below:

Just a Little Music AKJ Books      
The Whales” Song Dyan Sheldon, Gary Blythe (Illustrator) AKJ Books      
Drums, Keyboards, and Other Instruments AKJ Books      
Drums and Percussion Instruments AKJ Books      
Jungle Drums AKJ Books      
Clara Schumann AKJ Books      
Brahms Ann Rachlin AKJ Books      
Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings AKJ Books      
A Chorus of Frogs: The Risky Life of an Ancient Amphibian AKJ Books      
Horace and Morris Join the Chorus (but What about Dolores?) AKJ Books      
Band Of Angels AKJ Books      
Junie B., One-Man Band AKJ Books      

Thank you for helping us keep music programs thriving in schools!

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