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Middle School in New Haven Receives Music Ace Software

new haven, ct – Thanks to your donations this week, Keeping The Blues Alive was able to donate brand new music software to Hill Central [Middle] School! ktba-dotw-musicace-022614

Ms. Chiarelli, the school’s music teacher, explained that her students live in an impoverished, often times violent urban section of the city.  Most of them do not have access to technology at home and having access to it at school is extremely beneficial to their learning.

Hill Central is also a Title I school and rarely if ever receive funding for supplemental materials in arts and music classes.

Ms. Chiarelli’s project is rooted in music technology.  By providing her students with music software to use during their class period, they can focus on keyboard techniques at their respective workstations.  They will also be able to work at their own pace.  Instead of waiting for their peers to catch up to the learning material (or vice versa) each student will be able to digest the information and advance when they’re ready, or spend more time on the material.  The teacher can walk around the various workstations and assist students that need individual attention while allowing students who are comfortable on their own, to continue through the curriculum.  This method allows for a higher probability that every student will know and understand the material.

As these youngsters grow up in the age of iPads and iEverything – swiping and zooming and instagramming all day – we need to continue encouraging teachers to find unique ways of integrating timeless pedagogy and technique to this tech-savvy generation!

This morning, we received this lovely note from Ms. Chiarelli.  You should all be very happy!

I greatly appreciate you funding my entire project! These materials will benefit my students in more ways than you can imagine! They will now be focused and concentrated on the curriculum while learning about music and how to play the piano in a fun and exciting way! I am very excited to receive these new materials and cannot wait to see the reactions from my students when they begin to work with this program.

Your generosity is to be commended and is more than appreciated!

With gratitude, Ms. Chiarelli

Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation is a FL-registered nonprofit organization.  Our mission is to offset the loss of music education programs by funding music projects and scholarships in schools all over the country.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.  We know these kids and teachers are SUPER excited, and we LOVE being a part of their musical journey.


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