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KTBA Donates New Guitars

 los angeles, ca – “The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself” – Ludwig van Beethoven.  This was the idea behind Ms. Roth’s music project at Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles, CA.  Thanks to your donations this week, this middle school classroom will receive new guitars to facilitate their music studies!


Marina Del Rey is another Title I public school and most of the students qualify for free lunch through government assistance.  However, these optimistic and hard working young arts students love music and look forward to learning more every day.

“With guitars in hand, our students will be able to learn new chords, songs, and perform for our community. Every child at our school will have the opportunity to learn this friendly instrument, and we need to add to our current paltry collection of old guitars.”

“Dear Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation… no one had nibbled at our project – not a peep, not a penny.  Then, who but Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation fully funded us!  What sweethearts and fellow music lovers.  I promise you we will learn some blues songs (as you know – the blues are the basis of rock and roll and so much more!) along with rock, pop and folk.  We will be learning tons of songs for a school-wide sing-along in May.  I am now singin’ da blues, but with a happy heart. You honor the great Pete Seeger along with deserving public middle school kids. Thank you so much!”
After reviewing the project, we knew this had our name on it.  Apparently, Ms. Roth did too!

These teachers and students are the reason why we commit to these projects every week!  If we invest in our children, and provide the tools for teachers to succeed, we will add so many more beautiful, sharing, and selfless people into our society. But we must start while they’re young!  Pass the torch by encouraging children (not just your own) to work hard, and follow their passions!

To make a donation to next week’s project, click here!

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