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KTBA Purchases New Trumpet

TUCSON, AZ – This week’s donation story is from Tucson, Arizona where  Academy Of Math & Science Cs’s will receive a brand new Bb trumpet for their music program.  We received a notice from a concerned Mr. Guenthner who has been trying for the last year to get band instruments into the school.  He was extremely dedicated to his project, and even loaned the students some of his own instruments to get started.  However, the cost of repairs was burning a hole in his pocket, and with a limited budget for the young music program, he decided to ask for help.AMS_Building

“My own finances have been strapped to the point where it is difficult for me to keep maintenance of my own instruments. I would love to start by getting an instrument that I can let a student rent for free, without having to lose sleep of my own personal instrument. This beginner instrument will be a foundation on how much effort and time they should put into their studies.”

Although the school is successful in other areas of academia such as math and science, the students needed an outlet to get away from the daily grind, and learn a fun yet stimulating activity such as band, to foster their creativity and apply those methods to other subject areas in school, as well as life lessons overall.

“I came to this school last year and was upset with the lack of resources given to the students. It feels as if I had more opportunities to excel than them. In a growing culture of technology and ideas, this needs to be reversed as students should be given ample resources to excel in academics as well as arts. With their own instrument, even one… That lucky student will first know that someone cares enough about them to help achieve their goal.”

We agreed wholeheartedly with Mr. Guenthner and since our last donation ended up canceling their order (teacher moved to another school), we applied the released funds, and paid the difference for Mr. Guenthner to receive the new trumpet and the proper warranty replacement plan.

If you missed your opportunity to donate to this week’s project, please take a moment to ask yourself, “will my $10 make a difference?” Because we will tell you that EVERY donation can either fund a project, or contribute to a partially funded project.  We make sure that funds go directly to schools in need and your donation is tax deducible!

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