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Singing and Dancing with Dr. Jean

Lanett, AL – This week, Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation reached out to an elementary school in Alabama to aid in their goal of incorporating music and dance into their early education curriculum!

Mrs. Burrow’s, the kindergarten teacher at the school is a believer of getting these kids off their seats, out of their desks, and using music as a positive influence in the students lives.  She explains:

“I teach a fantastic group of Kindergarten students.  We live in a small community and I teach in a city school system. Our small class sizes are great to provide our students with one-on-one learning experiences.  We have students from all backgrounds which makes our diverse classroom a great community of learners!  Many students in my classroom live in homes where they are loved but their basic needs are a struggle to meet.  I see the love in their eyes everyday and they are eager to learn something new.”


As a follower and supporter of Keeping The Blues Alive, you know that we strive to support early music education.  It is no surprise that we were delighted to donate our resources so that Mrs. Burrows could purchase a special gift for those kids.  We supplied her school with a music and dance CD set.  The students will learn life skills, numbers, and even have some silly songs too!

The CDs were produced by Dr. Jean Feldman, renowned author and music educator from Georgia.  She earned a B.A. from the University of Georgia, a D.A.S.T. from Emory University, and both M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Georgia State University.  For over 40 years, Dr. Jean has been a clinician and educator, inspiring teachers and parents all over the country with her unique approach to early education. These supplementary materials will help engage her young students and we are very happy to be able to assist her in that goal.

Thank you for your donations this week, and we hope that you will continue support Keeping The Blues Alive as we outfit teachers all over the country with the tools they need to educate and inspire our children through the arts.

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