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KTBA Supports Music in Special Needs Classroom

This week, Keeping The Blues Alive donated a set of percussion instruments to Mrs. Weaver’s pre-k class in Frederick, MD.

KTBA understands the important role music education in the early development of children. From the National Association for Music Education:

“Music is a natural and important part of young children’s growth and development. Early interaction with music positively affects the quality of all children’s lives. Successful experiences in music help all children bond emotionally and intellectually with others through creative expression in song, rhythmic movement, and listening experiences. Music in early childhood creates a foundation upon which future music learning is built. These experiences should be integrated within the daily routine and play of children. In this way, enduring attitudes regarding the joy of music making and sharing are developed.Music education for young children involves a developmentally appropriate program of singing, moving, listening, creating, playing instruments, and responding to visual and verbal representations of sound. The content of such a program should represent music of various cultures in time and place. Time should be made available during the day for activities in which music is the primary focus of attention for its own value. It may also serve as a means for teachers to facilitate the accomplishment of nonmusical goals.”

Mrs. Weaver writes:My students are pre-K level, attending a special school for children with developmental and physical disabilities. They are a great group of students, and complete their work with smiles on their faces each day. They love music, and are motivated with movement breaks including musical involvement and games.

These items will change my students’ lives by providing the tools that they need to maintain their mind and bodies through movement, and music. They will be able to play with music, and move their bodies to tunes produced by movement with the toys. The students will learn basic skills through music.

This was an easy decision for us to make, but we need contributions from music supporters to continue to fund the next generation of musicians. Help us on our mission to fund music programs and scholarships across the country by making a donation today. Click here to donate:

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