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KIPP KIPP Hooray! Fueling The Passion of Music

IG-KIPP Dallasdallas, tx – Fueling the Passion of Music!  That’s what this week’s donation story is all about.  Then again, when is it EVER about anything else?

Thanks to your donations, Keeping The Blues Alive was able to connect with the scholars at KIPP – Destiny in Dallas, Texas.  Founded in August 2013, Destiny became the first elementary school in the KIPP DFW Region.  In accordance with their scalable growth strategy, they are adding another grade level each year.  As a result, the school now enrolls 1st grade students, with second grade to be added next year.  This will continue until they house Pre-K to 4th grade by 2017!

Because of open enrollment, the students that are granted admission to the programs come from different socio-economic backgrounds.  However, the strict consistency within the hiring process provides great stability once the students are guided through the program.  Teacher roles are expanded – allowing them to take charge and implement creative learning strategies for the kids.  Mrs. Shanandolan Ward, the founding Music & Movement Teacher, elaborates:

“My KIPPsters are so amazing! The students here at KIPP come from many different walks of life. All of our ‘scholars’ are truly driven and dedicated to be the best. Many have already experienced true hardship at such a young age. Our school is truly a second home for most of our scholars. Here at KIPP, we accept all students no matter what their background may perceive them to be. We are truly a team and family, that includes students, parents, faculty and staff.”

Mrs. Ward is a true star in her own right!  Before joining KIPP, Natiya Ward was rocking American Idol auditions, BET’s Sunday Best, and still properly managing her time teaching elementary music at John W. Runyon Elementary School.  Her passion is pure and evident! We know we have made the right investment in these kids.

Dear Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation,

Thank you so much for the donation and bringing light into my KIPPsters life!!! WE TRULY APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE AND WE ARE TRULY HUMBLED!! Now our students will be able to learn how to play the keyboard at such a young age as well as reading music. They will able to learn rhythms and apply their knowledge due to playing drums. Here at KIPP we are striving towards excellence in academics and through fine arts. Thank you for being the start of our mission. THANK YOU!!! With gratitude, Mrs. Ward.
As we prepare for another successful quarter, we would appreciate your support!  If you would like to make a donation to Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation, please click here!
Alternatively, if you are unable to give today, please help us by liking our Facebook page, and sharing the good news about the music advocacy that is shown here every week!
We are dedicated to promoting music education and cultivating a culture for the next generation where students will not only be evaluated for their excellence in mathematics and technology, but that they will also be exposed to creative and abstract thinking methods!
By exercising creativity, we know that these students will have the opportunity to think critically instead of just what’s on paper; They should be able to deduct new outcomes to situations and creatively form new ideas and practice unique problem solving – all extremely useful in this age where droughts are consuming California, oil money is running the nation, and America is unable to take care of its own people in many other ways.
Invest in music and the arts, and we know that it will benefit all of us in the end.  Life is about more than just math and science.  It’s about relationships – it’s about knowing who to trust, and knowing who you can depend on.  Music and arts programs instill that concept at a young age – individual accountability as well as group accomplishments!  Healthy competition is always a great learning tool!  Setting standards and reaching goals – that’s what we should be sowing into our kids.  We should be exemplifying self-discipline and self-confidence – so that when other kids are doing wrong, they know how to be their own person and make their own good decisions.
Invest in a music program today and we will show you a nation changed forever!

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