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Staten Island, NY is one of the boroughs of the Big Apple – known for it’s history in film, literature, music, and art!  However, one of the longest plaguing concerns for New York City public schools is the same ailment of schools all over the country.  That would be standardized testing – and unfortunately for students in Richmond County, a significant portion of the re-designed testing material has not reached the classroom curriculum!

As students all over the country deal with the anxiety of standardized testing, they turn to other outlets for self expression.  Some turn to their friends, others turn to recreational activities (scholastic or domestic), and for this unique group of students at P.S. 29, they turn to music.  When Keeping The Blues Alive found out about the music program and their “Pay It Forward” project, we knew we could allocate some funding to help them reach their goal.

Mr. Stephens, the school’s music teacher explains, “This project is important because it is something that will give to our school community for the next 20 years. Children will always remember their elementary school years of being in the band and playing concerts. These instruments are vital in having children write the scripts to their lives. Experiences help inspire. Knowing that someone cared outside of our school community will inspire these children. Our motto is “Pay it Forward”. This is an opportunity for them to see it from a different perspective. Someone will have paid it forward to them.”

On April 23rd, your donations helped fund P.S. 29 in Staten Island, NY to purchase 3 new flutes for the beginning band program.  The flutes will be school instruments used in various scholastic functions including concerts, lessons, graduation ceremonies and other approved functions.

“I would like to thank all of you on behalf of the students and the school community. The generosity that has been displayed here is heart warming. Our students will be excited to experience these new instruments. Thanks to all of you these instruments will give our band years of enjoyment. Our band will be able to expand. Our school will be able to offer more students the opportunity to play in the band. Some students will follow band into middle school, high school and even college. It starts now in elementary school. Students need options and opportunity. With this donation students have more options which will create more opportunity.
Your generosity instantly impacts our community. The children will be using these instruments as soon as they arrive. You have given a gift that will keep giving for years to come.” – Mr. Stephens

If you missed out on the opportunity to give a small donation to the foundation, please follow this link and help us change the lives of more students all over the country!

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