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Mending Muncie, Indiana: Dozens of Instruments Repaired by KTBA Funding

This week’s success story comes from Indianapolis, Indiana where 134 middle school band students are now waiting anxiously for the return of their newly repaired music instruments.

Keeping The Blues Alive: Mr. Bieda, what makes this particular group of students stand out amongst their peers?

Mr. Bieda: “My students often have to worry about things outside of their education such as food, money, transportation, and the challenges of their home lives – things that any middle school students shouldn’t have to worry about. [In spite of their circumstances] they face great challenges, yet they come to school and achieve great things [at  H L Harshman Middle School].

KTBA: What is the current state of the students’ environment?

MB: “My students all come from low income families with 100% of students are on free and reduced lunch and are all bused to our school. Despite our extreme poverty we have some of the highest test scores in the city in both math and language arts. The band is there to help provide support to the students and give them a well rounded education. The success is because these students have a strong desire to further themselves and do great things with their lives.”

KTBA: How will funds from Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation help these kids in a direct way?

MB: “These donations will drastically change the course of the band. Currently we only have about 90 instruments for the 134 students in band to use, so the students already have to share instruments daily. Instruments are not made to be used several times a day and our instruments are breaking quickly! Muncie Music Center is going to repair our students instruments so that they work again!”

On January 3rd, Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation took the opportunity to make a contribution to Mr. Bieda and his classrooms.  The money donated will help pay for dozens of music instruments to be repaired by Muncie Music Center in Muncie, Indiana.

To donate to the next school, please visit our donation page to sow a seed in a child’s music education today!

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