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KTBA is Kickin’ It Rhythm Style in Miami, FL

BLE School DrawingMost people who read this blog are wondering, “What will these people do with my donation?”  Let us take you to Miami, FL (about 35 miles south of our office) and we’ll take you to Blues Lakes Elementary School – almost 100 faculty and staff dedicated to not only providing a productive learning atmosphere and education, but also boasts an autism academy attributed to being the first “specialized choice school in Miami-Dade County.”  By the next academic school year, Blue  Lakes Elementary is anticipated to not only serve Pre-K and Kindergarten students, but also include 1st through 4th grade students.  When Mrs. Larsen, Blue Lakes’ Music teacher expressed a need to outfit the classroom with rhythm tools and instruments, Keeping The Blues Alive decided to join the campaign.

Keeping The Blues Alive spoke to Mrs. Larsen on the phone before the donation was sent.   She expressed to us the concern that a music curriculum did not exist for this particular instrumental outlet at the school.  When she initiated the task of creating one, she knew she needed help to get the project started, and at the time the school was not in the financial state to assist her.  “Many of my students are autistic and love to communicate through rhythms they play on their bodies or their desk.  With instruments, they get a chance to hear different sounds and pitches each instrument has, along with feeling the different textures.  By bringing new instruments in to the classroom [the child gets an opportunity] to explore music in ways they can only imagine.  As always, we greatly appreciate anything you can do to help bring the world of music to any child in the school systems.”

Upon making the donation, our friends at verified the cost of the items in question, and released funding to Mrs. Larsen and her classroom a few days ago.

Dear Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation,

My students and I would like to express our gratitude for donating to our school for new music instruments. With these instruments many of my students cannot only express themselves through rhythm once again but they are able to show everyone around them just how creative they can be. Each instrument presents a unique opportunity to create something new for them. We are looking forward to the arrival of these instruments and once again with to express our gratitude to donors like you who support the arts in our schools.  

With gratitude, Mrs. L

We tried to reach out to her this morning, but she surely had her hands full, so we should expect an update in the near future!  And to Mrs. Larsen, we wish you all the best, and hope that you and your students continue to have fun learning and growing together in your new venture!

If you would like to help us donate to another school such as this one, please take a moment to visit our Donation Page and help us revitalize and inspire music programs, their educators, and most importantly the students all over the country!BLkids_in_a_row

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