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KTBA Donates Method Books in Bunkie, Louisiana

KTBA Donates Instrumental Method Books to Band Program

Method Book Madness in Bunkie, Louisiana

BUNKIE, LA – Thanks to your donations, Keeping the Blues Alive donated instrumental method books to the band students at Bunkie Magnet High School!

About the Students

“My students are some of the most fun, ambitious, creative, and thoughtful kiddos I’ve ever worked with!” Mrs. Reppond exclaims. Mrs.

Mrs. Megan Reppond, Band Director at Bunkie High School

Megan Reppond is the Band Director at Bunkie High School. “Though our school district is the lowest-funded districts in the state, we are the number one district in growth! This means our students are eager to learn and better themselves every day.”

Bunkie High School is now a ‘B’ rated school!

In spite of the challenges that many of the students face at home, they still manage to thrive and seek excellence during music class. Mrs. Reppond was beaming.

“These kids are so enlivened by what they get to do in band and they are willing to go the extra mile to help each other and support their program. They are truly something special,” she says.

About the Project

In order to match the skill level of all the students, Mrs. Reppond decided that she needed to expand her repertoire. However, with limited funding available, she needed to reach out for help.

“This past year, I felt a little bad for my high schoolers because our method books were too easy for some and too difficult for the beginners in the same class,” Reppond explains. “Now, we have enough advanced high schoolers that we can begin to start learning from a more challenging book, so I know they will be thrilled to move forward a little faster!”

The Essentials for Band books will guide students through learning to play more advanced rhythms, new key signatures, more technical studies, and expand their range. These books are a staple for many music classes – not just at Bunkie High School. The books are the second compilation in the series which builds upon previously taught concepts from the first book.

“I think the structure of the Essential Elements 2000 books is outstanding, and I know that my students will appreciate them more once they feel the challenge of something more rigorous. I am hoping they find [the content challenging] in these new editions.

Click here to visit Mrs. Reppond’s Band Page

Attitude of Gratitude

Eager to express her gratitude, Mrs. Reppond sent this note:

Dear Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation, Inc.,

Thank you for your generous donations! This project got funded with only TWO donations, which is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much to those who donated and made this possible. My more advanced students will be thrilled to have some new challenges, and this will be especially helpful when planning for quizzes or sight reading activities.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Reppond

Every week, Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation donates to a school in need of music supplies, instruments, sheet music and more!

To help us fund next week’s project, please click here to make a donation: CLICK HERE

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