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ft. lauderdale, fl – Thanks to your donations, Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation has mad a tremendous impact on a local Broward County music program.

Mr. Eichelberger, the school’s music director was in need of music stands and method books for his band class.

“To me band is much more then just an extracurricular activity. It is an opportunity for me to touch the life of a child by allowing them to see the larger world through performances and trips,”  Mr. Eichelberger says. “It’s also a chance to help my students see the impact they can make on their community and the world.”

Over 90% of the students come from single parent family homes and low income environments.  They look forward to school and especially look forward to other stimulating activities such as band, chorus and other extra-curricular activities.  For New Gen Prep High School of Performing Arts, an inaugural band program was exactly what they needed!

The Standard of Excellence method books are one of the most popular band methods in the world.  Guaranteed, if you visit 10 schools in any state, you will come across these method books, equipping students and teachers with a graduated approach to learning the skills needed for musicianship.  For advanced learners, there are advanced lessons – making certain that every student feels challenged and engaged in the activity.

We are excited to be a part of this band’s history.  The activity is extremely beneficial for the students involved, and the project is fully in line with our mission!

Mr. Eichelberger expresses his gratitude:

Dear Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation,

On behalf of myself and the Band Members of the NGHS Lion Pride Band we would like to thank you for helping us reach our goal. It is people like you that us provide great opportunities in communities that need a helping hand. Our students have been working hard to get the band program at our school off the ground. With this equipment and books we can recruit more students to join this effort.

We are honored to be a part of this story!

If you would like to donate to next week’s project, click here!

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