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Donation of the Week

whittier, ca – Thanks to your donations this week, Keeping The Blues Alive donated iMac hardware to Richard Graves Middle School!

Students are learning their instruments, learning to read music, and working with Mr. Shiffermiller and each other to understand the beginnings of playing music.

“My Students are very smart and tend to love coming in and participating in my class. The students are in a low socio-economic area but as all students tend to be excited about learning new and different things. My class is one of a short list of elective classes at my school. Students often have a freedom to express themselves (musically) that they don’t have in most of the other classes they take.”

The computer and desk will mainly be used with an application called Smart Music. This application helps students practice by recording their performance and analyzing it to help students understand possible mistakes. It also has a large collection of music that the students can play in addition to the required materials.

This software also allows Mr. Shiffermiller to assign exams to students that they can accomplish on their own so class time is dedicated to instruction. The largest advantage of having this computer is for students who either don’t have a computer at home and/or are unable to afford the yearly subscription. Students will be able to use the software before school and during lunch to accomplish tasks.

All students should have access to computers and software to help them progress. This should not be limited to students who can afford the materials.

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