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KTBA Donates Sing-Along Music and Books

milwaukee, wi – Thanks to your donations this week, Keeping the Blues Alive was able to donate music activities, headphones and accompanying CDs for their music class.

Dr Benjamin Carson Academy in Milwaukee is located in a high-poverty zone – often leaving students surrounded by grief and various hardships in their community.

06-ktba-donation-news#27-instagramMrs. Miller-Ahmed’s 18 young and budding singers attend the school but because of budget cuts, they had not had a music teacher in many years.  “I am not the most beautiful singer but I do try to expose my children to songs and musical experiences. Every day they say “Do we have time for a song?” Mrs. Ahmed pleads.

“My hope for these materials is that students will learn new songs that they can sing when they are happy or sad.  They can teach them to their families during bus and car rides and eventually to their children.  They can be used in whole group lessons to tie into our reading, math, social studies, science and health themes. In addition, students can listen to them on our CD player with headphones.  The students will learn rhythm, muscle control, balance, and multiculturalism through these songs.”

The project included CDs by Ella Jenkins and Greg & Steve.

According to Mrs. Ahmed these students will enjoy singing and learning about the music concepts because with their learning curve being so high at a young age, they are bound to take the necessary steps to grow as a group and apply the lessons to other instruments as well.

It was very clear that theses students, although they aren’t in a conventional music class, would benefit from the camaraderie of learning music with their peers!

Thanks to your donations, they will have a new perspective on going to their school, and attendance rates will see a significant change!

Dear Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation,

Thank you so much for funding our classroom’s project, A School Without a Song. My school truly is a school without a song because of budget cuts. Not having a music teacher is a terrible experience for elementary school students. I try to enrich the students lives the best I can with music. Singing and musical activities always make the students in a much happier mood. They ask me, “When can we sing?” and “At the end of the day, can I pick a song to sing?” The students are desperate for age appropriate music. Your generosity will allow my class to listen to music with the headphones on their own during station activities, learn a wide range of new music from the CDs, and sing songs with props using the Sing And Move Bag. I would not be able to have these wonderful materials for my class without your organization! Thank you for bringing music back to my classroom.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Miller-Ahmed

What a difference, these little donations can make.

If you’d like to help us make a difference for music education, please click here to make a donation today! 

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