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St Charles Elementary Receives Music Equipment

Thibobaux, L.A – Thanks to your donations this week, Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation made a wonderful donation to St. Charles Elementary music program!

Music AmplifiedMr. Chamberlain, the school’s music teacher was looking for a way to amplify his students’ music performances.

Typically, in larger scaled performances, certain instruments such as the flute, for instance, can get “buried” in the band’s overall sound.  As a result, it has been proven necessary to have some sort of amplification system nearby.  The earlier that students learn about how to operate these amp systems, the more versatile their experience will be as they graduate and move on to bigger bands at the high school level.  The mics are also used for solo performances and speeches.

Mr. Chamberlain’s fifth grade classroom consists of a beginning band.  Whereas a lot of students end up start in recorder, Chamberlain is starting his students off on another level.

“I teach fifth grade beginning band at a small public school with limited funds in southeast Louisiana. Our school has pre-k through fifth grade and it has under three hundred wonderful, bright, eager students. We have dedicated, highly qualified teachers who love their jobs, and the students we get the privilege to teach. We also have great parental and community support with a common goal of going above and beyond to ensure the success of every student we teach.”

With the new PA system, the band can strive for better sound quality and intonation as their sound fills up the room.

Dear Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation,

The students at our school and I thank you for supporting our project. We can’t wait to get our supplies in so that we can enjoy listening to music the way it was intended to sound, and create our own music that we can record and play back for both learning and enjoyment. Our annual talent show will also be enhanced by giving all of the students the opportunity to perform on stage with quality equipment which will enhance their confidence with public performance.With gratitude,
Mr. Chamberlain

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