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Thank You For Keeping The Blues Alive!

We want to sincerely say thank you for the donations that you have given the Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation!

As a result of your donations and the help of our sponsors – Guitar Center, Ernie Ball, and of course, Joe Bonamassa – we have funded the first Joe Bonamassa Blues Guitar Scholarship at Musicians Institute, AND are just a few weeks away from unveiling our FIRST ever Riffnotes “History of the Blues” program!

Although music advocacy in schools, and fueling the next generation of music listeners and musicians is a HUGE priority, we are also equally interested in thanking our fellow supporters. We will be sending you special gifts as they become available, as a token of our appreciation.

Joe and Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation would like to thank the following people:

  • P. Sexton
  • V. Hamilton
  • D. Oullette
  • N. Stream
  • J. Gaylor
  • D. Oschman
  • M. Gray
  • B. Diller
  • D. Danekas
  • A. Christofides
  • V. Korensky
  • V. Blackwell
  • J. Byrd
  • R. Weisman
  • K. Horowitz

To stay in touch with us, please take a moment to “Like” our page on Facebook, or you can “Follow” us on Twitter!

As we keep music education our first priority, we look forward to the continued growth and success of this foundation.


Shawn Hagood

Non-profit Manager

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