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KTBA Donates New Drum Hardware to Percussion Program

VINELAND, NJ – Thanks to your donations, Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation donated brand new drum hardware and supplies to the percussion program at Vineland High School!

“My high school students were curious and eager to learn about the many instruments in the percussion family,” Mr. Eric Sikorski explained.

“Students enrolled in a variety of courses, such as concert ensemble and percussion classes, used this equipment [however] many students were unable to use the equipment due to disrepair, size discrepancies, and not enough of it to go around. This made engaging everyone difficult, if not impossible at times. Without enough working/correctly sized instruments to go around, students were not able to participate fully. Working in a percussion ensemble without enough instruments made it very difficult!”

By obtaining more equipment and repairing existing instruments, Mr. Sikorski would be able to involve more students in a collaborative environment.

“My goal was to ensure that each student in my class had a working, actual instrument to play on every day! While not the most exciting materials, these were necessary for both our band rehearsals and numerous percussion classes. Instruments were too small and/or are in need of repair; we also needed a few more instruments to ensure all students could participate in percussion ensemble music,” he adds.

“I have seniors using snare drums that can only go high enough for a 10-year-old! Both sets of bongos have broken heads and our marimba has only half of the bars that are able to function.

When playing as an entire class for percussion ensemble, there are not enough instruments to cover all of the parts. This causes some students to not be able to participate. My goal is to get every student in the class playing and sharing in the experience of making music together. Those are the times when the most learning happens, with everyone actively participating and working together.”

Thanks to the generosity of Joe Bonamassa fans and music lovers like you, Keeping the Blues Alive funded Mr. Sikorski’s project!

He expresses his gratitude:

Dear Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation, Inc.,

I sincerely thank you for your generous donation. My students and I are greatly appreciative of your generosity. The materials you have helped provide will positively impact students for many years to come. It will allow me to fix and upgrade equipment to allow a more collaborative working environment; while continuing to foster a love of music!

With gratitude,
Mr. Eric Sikorski

Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation is a 501c3 organization that makes a donation to a school in need of music instruments, supplies, sheet music, and more every week! Your donation helps us to keep music in schools, while preserving blues heritage. Without your support, we would not be able to reach as many students around the country. We are grateful for your generosity.

To date, KTBA has reached over 63,000 students.

If you would like to help us to continue to grow, click here to make a donation! All donations are fully tax-deductible!

Thank you for keeping music education in schools!

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