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KTBA Donates Classroom Set of Guitars in Youngstown, OH

YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO – Thanks to your donations, Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation donated ten (10) brand new starter guitars to the music students at Stambaugh Charter Academy!

“I am excited to be starting a strings program at my school,” Ms. Haldi explains.

“Most of my students have not had the opportunity to play an instrument nor can their families afford one for home. They are hard-working and eager to be able to play instruments. The school provided some of the guitars for the students, but it is not enough for everyone that would like to sign up or have already signed up to fit class size.”

Every donation counts – both financially and in-kind – in making students successful and being able to have the opportunity to play an instrument for the first time. One of the most direct ways to pay it forward is to make a donation to the General Fund and watch it work!

“I am very excited and grateful to have the privilege of working with these young and bright individuals every day. [However], I have a lot of students who are eager to play instruments. The school has helped out a lot, but the budget simply is not big enough to cover the cost of enough instruments for all the students who would like to participate in music class,” Haldi says.

“Most of my students have never had the opportunity to play a musical instrument before.
This would be an amazing investment in my classroom for this year and many years in the future for the strings program at my school. I cannot wait to see how much progress and love for music that they would have if given to opportunity to play these instruments.”

Thanks to Joe Bonamassa fans and music lovers like you, Keeping the Blues Alive was able to send Stambaugh Charter ten (10) brand new guitars that they can rotate for the rest of the school year.

Ms. Haldi expresses her gratitude:

Dear Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation, Inc.,

Thank you so much for supporting my classroom! My students are going to be super excited that they will no longer have to wait to play or share instruments. I will now have enough guitars for every student in my class to participate! I cannot wait to share this amazing new with them. I am very grateful for everyone who donated that made this possible for my classroom. This is their first year having the oppurtunity to learn and play instruments.

With gratitude,
Ms. Haldi

Keeping the Blues Alive is a 501c3 organization that makes a donation to a school in need of music instruments, supplies, sheet music, and more every week! Your donations help us keep music in schools, while preserving blues heritage.

In order to keep the ball rolling, we appreciate your donations to keep music education funding alive in schools across the country. If you would like to help us to continue to make an impact on music education in America, click here to make a donation! All donations are fully tax-deductible and go to a GREAT cause!

Thank you for supporting music education for the next generation!

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