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KTBA Donates MIDI Keyboard to EAST Initiative

maumelle, ar – Thanks to your donations this week, Keeping The Blues Alive made a donation to Maumelle High School!  As a part of their Environmental And Spatial Technology (or EAST for short) initiative, this high school class needed a midi controller for their music program.

During EAST class students are responsible for creating their own learning experiences. Students work on school and community based projects. The focus of these projects is to improve and enhance the school and community.  As KTBA usually advocates, we support projects that enhance the quality of life in the community as well as music projects that promote creativity.  Music is a great way to practice creativity and improvisation!

Maumelle High School has a diverse student population with many different personalities. The student body students come from various ethnic backgrounds.  Some of the students are bussed in from other areas of the county.  In addition, they have had problems with student behavior.  Many of these students are not interested in learning; therefore, not interested in their future careers. We wanted to find a project that will motivate these students to become more active in learning and their future.

Mrs. Leidigh adds, “My EAST class at Maumelle High School is need of an M-audio Key Studio 25 USB MIDI Keyboard. There are numerous students interested in creating music through technology. We have FL Studios and Garage Band, but we want to take our music to the next level. A keyboard would help us to augment and advance our technological musical skills. Plus, the quality of our finished product would be on a more professional level.  Additionally, our classmates are segregated by the type of music they listen to. So we want to make a project where we make a mix of all genres of music and get everyone to come together as a school. We need to become one big student body that appreciates all genres of music!”

Thanks to the donations of music lovers and fans from all over the country, we were able to fund Mrs. Leidigh’s music project!

It is impossible to fully express my joy, excitement, and thanks for your donation to our project. It is encouraging to see organizations that are willing to donate funds to help public school students augment their learning experience in a nontraditional method.

Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see my students creating and composing music with their keyboard.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Leidigh

To make a donation to next week’s project, click here!



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