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KTBA Funds 16 Violins for Middle School Orchestra

homestead, fl – In August 2009, Miami Dade County launched one the most student-centered learning centers in South Florida.  Gateway Environmental K-8 Learning Center is located in one of the most agricultural areas of Southeast Florida and is one of the last two towns before you head south to the Florida Keys!  The natural wetlands and the cultural melting pot that surrounds the area brings a tremendous amount of diversity to the region, and greatly impacts the learning process for students attending the school.

“My school is in a community that has a variety of different types of families anywhere from migrant farm workers, inner city, suburban, military, and professionals. Our school is a located in a predominately low income area, however, the students are eager to learn and have amazing talents and skills if developed through positive after school music activities,” Ms. Torrelles explains.

In an effort to reach deeper into the hearts of these students, boost attendance levels, and teach a lifelong skill, Ms. Torrelles uses after-school music programs to keep students engaged and focused on their academic goals.  She started an after-school chorus program that teaches students in grades 4 through 8, and wanted to add a string orchestra program to teach music theory and of course, ensemble performances.

After reviewing the donation budget, we knew that we could really make a difference in Ms. Torrelles music program.  With 16 brand new violins, she will be able to successfully direct a small orchestra for next year, and boost attendance rates and more importantly graduation rates.

We will keep you updated on this story as it develops! There is more to come!

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