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KTBA Donates Music Software to High School

Hayward, CA. – It’s another great week for the foundation as we plow through our donations and really feel a sense of urgency and accomplishment!

This week, with our emotions running high, we reached out to Mt. Eden High School who were in need of new music software for their music technology program.

The teacher’s motto:  “To develop and nurture the universal language of music.” Well, we can’t say no to that!

Mr. Cato explains, “I want to continue to develop my students musical understanding and bridge musical connections.”  My students are high school aged musicians who put hard work, sweat and tears into our musical group. Our school has a great arts programs and is continuing to improve academically. We have a great staff and administration. I have watched our musical program grow year by year and we are really excited to continue our service to the students and community.”

The only thing missing for the school year was a new set of tools and inspiration for the technology program.

“We need Auralia and Musition software to help students to develop their musical ear and recognition of musical relationships. Our students will use these programs to gain a deeper understanding of the musical pieces, musical relationships and musical problem solving. They will begin to recognize and evaluate musical intervals, harmonies progressions, and rhythmic patterns. This will help to prepare them for reading their musical scores, future musical ventures and college music classes.”

Music software is helpful in the classroom because it adds that little bit of interactive play that any human being lusts for when learning new material.  You also have the technical consistency of teaching – which when combined with a professional moderator or music teacher, can push the students to excel in the material.

As the school year begins, we are excited to help out this classroom and provide them with the tools they need to recognize musical patterns and relationships between the notes.  Mr. Cato, and his students, are also grateful!

Dear Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation,

Your support with this project is like music to our ears! We are soooo excited to begin our school year and incorporated these software programs into our classes. Our students really have so much to be thankful for and we are so fortunate that you all decided to support us!I have many ideas as to how we can work this into our classes. Offering this option in our classes will have such a huge impact for our music students and their development overall. Once again thank you this is a great gift to start our year off with, I can’t wait to begin!With gratitude,
Mr. Cato

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this foundation in one way or another!  It is an honor to be a part of this musical revolution!

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