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Willie Mabon – Video of The Week

Willie Mabon – Video of The Week

Willie Mabon – A quintessential rhythm and blues pianist, singer, and songwriter. With Willie growing up in Tennessee, he knows it’s Chicago where he’s supposed to be. Shortly after arriving to Chicago, he starts to make a name for himself and forms the group, the Blues Rockers. While in 1949, he began recording for Aristocrat Records and then Chess Records. 

Willie Mabon – I Don’t Know

With his biggest success in 1952 when his debut solos “I Don’t Know”, written by Cripple Clarence Lofton. The song is Mabon’s first chart hit and reaches number one on the US Billboard R&B charts in December 1952. Not only is this one of the most popular releases of its era, it’s also Chess’s biggest hits before Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley. Later in 1970, Freddy King covers it as well as the Blues Brothers in 1978.

Willie Mabon sings his blues classic with the Aces – the Myers brothers and Freddy Below playing drums in this particular video. Mabon returned to the top R&B slot in 1953 with “I’m Mad” and had another hit in 1954 with the Mel London song “Poison Ivy”. Shortly after things are going downhill in the U.S. So, he heads to Paris and touring abroad until 1985 when he passes from an illness. 

The Aces (Blues Band)

After going through several name changes, depending on who else is performing with them. Brothers Louis and Dave Myers is originally hailing from Mississippi realized at an early age that playing guitar is their purpose in life. Originally performing as the “Little Boys” and with the addition of the harmonica player Junior Wells. Then become the “Three Deuces” and the “Three Aces” for a while. Eventually they became Little Walter’s backing band called the Jukes.

In 1950, with the enlistment of the drummer Fred Below. They are now the Four Aces only to become just “The Aces”. Although they’re known for Chicago Blues, they also venture into jazz and other styles as well. Even to the point that they have their own signature style that at times goes beyond any particular. As well as ahead of its time. Below’s refined rhythms led to the rise of the blues shuffle beat that helps to launch the drums to a new prominence in blues bands and music.

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