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Walter Trout – Sonny Landreth – Mike Zito

Walter Trout – Sonny Landreth – Mike Zito 

Walter Trout came out on stage and played one of the best performances I have ever seen and then some.  And then, he adds Sonny Landreth and Mike Zito? These three guys tore up the stage in this over the top blues jam! This special performance happened at The Clearwater Sea-Blues Festival on February 19, 2017 

Since its inception, this annual festival has become one of Clearwater’s most beloved signature events, appealing to thousands of residents and seasonal visitors. The annual event may not have as long and storied a history as the city’s other signature music event – the Clearwater Jazz Holiday – but it has become a fixture in the Tampa Bay area as it continues to attract top blues artists. When Mike Zito came on and he, Walter, and Sonny did Don Nix’s “Going Down”, no one was sitting anymore. These guys burned the place to the ground!

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