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Veronica Lewis – Blues Highlights

Veronica Lewis – Blues Highlights

Do you need some boogie music for your soul? Then check out Veronica Lewis! Furthermore, check out some of her latest videos and see why this artist is such an exciting, emerging talent in the Blues & Roots world. Likewise, she’s a mesmerizing live performer with serious piano chops, soaring vocals, and songs that boogie away your blues.

What’s more? She’s a pro musician at 17, While rocking the piano and electrifying audiences with music that’s exciting! As well as energetic, yet rhythmically complex and challenging.  A tight, straight-ahead trio of piano, drums, and sax delivers a stunningly “full-on” sound, as Veronica belts out a message made to heal the soul.

Her strong, expressive voice is punctuated with a light and delicate vibrato, belying her age. This Indie American piano player, singer, and songwriter puts a truly modern spin on the Roots of American Music. Plus, her energy is so contagious when she’s performing, that you might feel the need to get up and dance like a fool!

Veronica, a prolific songwriter that writes original songs with stories that are both thought-provoking and humorous. Her inspiration comes from a mix of musical genres and eras, ranging from Katie Webster, Otis Spann, and Dr. John all the way to Freddie Mercury and Avril Lavigne.

Veronica fuses these crucial elements together with the true language of the Blues, and the energy of the early rock and rollers, like Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis to create a truly individual style that is completely Veronica Lewis.

Early Beginnings

Born in New Hampshire and emerging from a world steeped in Blues and Boogie Woogie, Veronica is a musical force beyond her years. Many describe her piano playing as “having the power of a summer thunderstorm in the Delta”.

Veronica, is the also the recipient of the 2019 W.O.W. Rising Star Award, as well as the 2018 & 2017, 2016 Granite State Blues Challenge Winner.

She’s garnered such prestigious awards as 2020’s Boston Blues Challenge Winner, 2020’s Best Young, Artist-New England Music Hall of Fame and nominated for Blues Artist of the Year 2020, Boston Music Awards. Furthermore, there’s no stopping this musician she’s already embracing 2021 and trudging forward despite a pandemic!

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