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Tom Marker- Voice Behind Blues

Tom Marker- Voice Behind Blues 

Tom Marker has been a presence on the air in Chicago since the mid-70s. Furthermore, he is the living, breathing, and talking Chicago Blues.  Tom Marker‘s Blues credentials are well established in Chicago throughout his 35-year career hosting the popular “Blues Breakers” program on WXRT. Tom has been a presence on the air in Chicago since the mid-70s on stations including WJKL-FM, WLUP-FM and WXRT.  Chicago Blues fans also know Marker as the primary emcee at the Chicago Blues Festival. 

“Blues Time”

His popular radio show “Blues Time” has been playing the blues since 1975.  He has been seen often in Blues clubs from the time both he and Muddy Waters were regulars at “Harry Hopes” in Cary, to the new live Bluesday Tuesday series currently taking place on the first Tuesday of each month at “FitzGerald’s Nightclub” in Berwyn.  Additionally, his popularity as a blues connoisseur, garner him the “Keeping The Blues Alive” award from the Blues Foundation in commercial radio division. 

In January 2015 Tom joined the staff of WDCB where he does his part by playing Blues records from 7 to 9pm every Saturday evenings on 90.9FM. With a tendency to sway at times from traditional blues, have no fear! He still shows the love as well for the traditional blues giants as well.  Even better is that he also throws some love to the local blues musicians as well. Blues Time is definitely a program with a Chicago point of view. Because it’s great that there are people out there preserving the past while welcoming the new generations.

Recently, American Blues Scene did a great interview with Tom Marker which gives a great insight to promoting the blues and keeping this genre relevant. Check it out below:

Tom Marker- Voice Behind Blues: Living, Breathing, and Talking Chicago Blues


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Photo Credits: Franky Brunee – American Blues Scene Interview by Brant Buckley


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