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The War And Treaty – Video of Week

The War And Treaty – Video of Week

The War And Treaty. Interesting name for a band at first but then when you hear their music, and their story, you’ll see why.  While they come from different backgrounds, there’s one thing that still holds true. Music brings people together.

Hailing from just outside Washington, D.C., Tanya discovers her supreme vocal skills at a young age and promptly pursues a career in music and acting.  As for Michael he grew up in Cleveland and D.C., spending part of his childhood in homeless shelters. Later enlisting in the U.S. Army.

While stationed in one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces several years after 9/11, he gains access to a piano. Quickly captivates his fellow troops with his powerful vocal presence. Soon after, he’s tasked with writing and performing songs in memoriam to his unit’s fallen soldiers. During this time Michael cultivates a distinct songwriting voice that he further develops upon returning home.

Shortly after, After he and Tanya shared the stage at a music festival, the two began creating music together, eventually marrying and forming The War And Treaty. Their EP Down to the River arrives in July 2017, and the duo make their full-length debut with Healing Tide—a widely acclaimed effort. 

Furthermore, Billboard claims that “The music world…has definitely shown that it’s ready to love The War and Treaty.” The Associated Press calls them,“…a powerhouse R&B duo who sound as though they were born to sing together.” They’ll take you to church and back with their music!  

Fast forward, they join Dierks Bentley at Station Inn along with Larkin Poe, Ben Helson, & the Hawktail Band live at the 56th Academy of Country Music Awards. To perform “Pride (In The Name Of Love) which is originally done by U2. The performance is awesome and it really highlights the caliber of the musicians. 

Like everyone else, they’ve been keeping themselves busy during these trying times by entertaining from home. Check out their performance of Lady Gaga’s song Shallow. Sit back and enjoy! 

If you like what you heard, then check out the rest of their music on their web-site:

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