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Like the notable super blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield, Nick Moss never had to travel very far for top-notch blues music growing up in Chicago, Illinois. As a teenager and into his twenties, Moss was a go-to bass player who was in the late bluesman Buddy Scott’s band for two years before embarking with Chicago blues legend Jimmy Dawkins.

When Moss joined the Legendary Blues Ban, the band that “formed in 1980 after the breakup of Muddy Waters’ band” in 1994, one of the members suggested that Moss switch to guitar and explore singing. He then went on to play for Chicago bluesman Jimmy Rogers for three years. From there, he established a solo career that he has been cultivating ever since.
Nick Moss has recorded ten albums, all released on his personal record label, Blue Bella Records. His latest work, High Cost of Low Living was released in 2018 and is a fun, swinging blues record that showcases the 30-year blues veteran and his many talents.

Although he isn’t as well known outside the Chicago area, Nick Moss is adored by the blues community and was nominated for a Blues Music Award in 2013 for Rock Blues Album of the Year.
This slow burning tune was filmed at the 2016 Riverfront Blues Festival and demonstrates the immense talent radiating from his solid group of musicians. The blend of hard rocking drums and Moss’s slick blues riffs makes this a really fun band to listen to and watch. Look out for a soul-clenching organ solo! So good!
Nick moss and the band will join Joe Bonamassa’s jam-packed blues cruise in 2019 as they set sail to Grand Cayman, rocking out every league along the way!

Hope you enjoy this week’s Blues in Motion Video!


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