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The Blues Preachers – Fusion Blues

The Blues Preachers

The Blues Preachers will take you to another place and time, somewhere between 1920 and 1940. Hailing from Australia, their style is a fusion of good old blues, rags, gospel and hillbilly folk. Driving fingerstyle and slide-guitar combined with tasteful harmonica and old-school vocal harmonies.

Furthermore, they create a traditional sound that will have you on the edge of your seats. The Blues Preachers will make you want to get up & dance with their joyful country & ragtime blues & send a shiver down your spine with their atmospheric feels.

They have secured a reputation as one of the best acoustic blues & roots acts in Australia. For more information on these guys check out their website:

Recent Achievements:

These guys were 5th. overall in the Australian Songwriting Awards 2009 for “Divine Justice Coming Down” which also received a top 5 nomination in the Sing Out For Social Action category of The Independent Music Awards 2009.

Their record, Dry Long So, is one of the best blues records of the decade. – Samuel Fell / Rhythms Magazine.
“Divine Justice Coming Down” was chosen by Yoko Ono as runner-up in the John Lennon 70th. birthday anniversary song contest.
They received a top 5 nomination in the Acoustic category of The Independent Music Awards 2011 for “The Free Train Agreement”.
which was also selected to be on a Canadian compilation released in May 2011 called “Protest Songs For A Better World”.

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