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What Started Out As A Comedy Sketch Became A Cult Classic!

What isn’t there to not love about this awesome musical comedy?  Not only is it a great movie but it also became a pop culture phenomenon that pushed the blues genre of music to the forefront and to this day still continues to do so.  It started out as a comedy sketch on SNL (Saturday Night Live) then morphed into performances and touring and then eventually the movie happened, and the rest is history!

The Boogie Man And The Blues Brothers On the set of The Blues Brothers cult classic musical comedy, John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd crack a smile and share a laugh with the Delta and boogie blues legend John Lee Hooker.

Sure, the movie was completely over budget, but that’s one of the best reasons to love this movie because of the star power and the over the top stunts! They spent the time and money to go all out on this movie and it has become a timeless classic that will continue to be watched through future generations.

The script and plot are excellent. From the one-liners to the music to the performances and to the dialog! Everything about it is witty, original, unique and smartly planned out.

It originally only opened to about 600 theaters at the time but with Ackroyd and Belushi showing up at theaters it created a buzz around town. In the end, “The Blues Brothers” made $115 million, becoming one of Universal’s most enduring hits and by far its greatest farce.