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The Allman Brothers Band with Blues Brother John Belushi

The Allman Brothers Welcome A Blues Brother!


Allman Brothers Welcome John Belushi 

The Allman Brothers Band brought out none other than John Belushi as a guest vocalist. This cultural phenomena happened on April 20, 1979! Belushi joined the Brothers for a performance of Floyd Dixon’s “Hey Bartender.” Furthermore, for the fans, how could you not be excited to witness this!  This musical collaboration was recorded as a part of their iconic debut album, Briefcase Full of Blues. Come for mind-blowing collaboration and stay for Thom Doucette’s outstanding harmonica.

The Summary

Fans attending the Allman Brothers Band concert at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic on April 20, 1979, got something special. Since, the show was being broadcast live on WNEW-FM, they got, a bigger surprise than they expected. Blues Brother John Belushi showed up during the encores to sing the blues standard, “Hey Bartender.”  Furthermore, He did a cartwheel on stage. Only in New York do you see this kind of entertainment!

Briefcase Full of Blues

When the Blues Brothers gathered to record their smash Briefcase Full of Blues, Some questioned whether they meant it or not. Comedians-by-trade John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd looked to extol the virtues of R&B and blues during an opening gig for Steve Martin. The first hint came with the tough backing group they assembled for the occasion: Steve Cropper and Donald “Duck” Dunn from Booker T. and the M.G.’s; Matt “Guitar” Murphy, a former Howlin’ Wolf sideman; Willie “Too Big” Hall of the Bay-Keys; and Steve Jordan, who would later work with Keith Richards, among others.

“The Blues Brothers came off as a genuine article because we had Cropper and Dunn and Matt Murphy – those three magnificent Memphis guitar players,” Aykroyd told Blues Blast. “Murphy played with James Cotton, and Duck and Steve played on all those Stax/Volt records. That combination was a powerhouse that was not to be duplicated, a Chicago/Memphis fusion band. That’s what the Blues Brothers was and that’s what really made it work. They added legitimacy to our enterprise.”

But Briefcase Full of Blues, released a few months later on Nov. 28, 1978, wasn’t powered by their participation alone. Belushi and Aykroyd took the whole thing very seriously, despite how entertaining it all sounded.

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