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Terrance Simien With Ozomatli

Terrance Simien & Ozomatli

Terrance Simien & Ozomatli captured live at the 2005 New Orleans Jazz Festival at the Congo Square stage.  Shortly after the Ozomatli set the next performances were the Roots, Fishbone and Zap Mama. So, you can see that Nawlin’ Jazz Festival brings you a variety of eclectic bands each year. 

Terrance Simien – New Orleans Appearances

For those of you who are not familiar with this amazing artist, this he’s a two -time Grammy award winner.  Also, he’s an 8th generation Louisiana Creole that’s been shattering the myths about what his indigenous Zydeco roots music is. Also at times what its not. Either way, he’s been a staple at Jazzfest for a very long time.

Simien is one of the most respected and accomplished artists in American roots music today. He and his band mates have performed over 9000 concerts, toured millions of miles to over 45 countries during their eventful career.  As for Jazz Fest, Simien has performed every year for the past 33+ years.  Below are his thoughts on Ozomatli.

One of my all-time favorites was Congo Square with our friends Ozomatli, who we’d played with in Australia several times. That was really cool-they got on stage with me and me with them, there was a breeze that day-magical! They are all magical though and two are the same!” – Quote from T Simien

Ozomatli – Changing The World 

Ozomatli is an American six-piece band playing primarily Latin, hip hop, and rock music. Forming in 1995, in Los Angeles. Furthermore, they are known both for their vocal activist viewpoints and their wide array of musical styles – including salsa, jazz, funk, reggae, rap, and others.

Furthermore, Ozomatli met while attempting to create a worker’s union in Los Angeles, the union failed to attract recognition however gave them an abandoned building to use for a month. The building was transformed into a cultural arts centre through which Ozomatli came into fruition. 

Also, In 2001, Ozomatli releases their sophomore album “Embrace the Chaos” which shoots straight to No. 1! Not only the “Billboard Latin Album charts.” But also the “Billboard Latin Pop Album charts”. In 2004, Ozomatli wins two Grammys for their album “Street Signs” one for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album and, one for Best Alternative Music Album. 

Ozomatli Flash Forward to 2022:

Furthermore, “Marching On” Releases which is their first studio album since the 2017 reggae twisted Non-Stop: Mexico to Jamaica. Guests on the album include B-Real vocalist Gaby Moreno, Lisa Lisa of Cult Jam fame and the ladies of J.J. Fad.

These guys tour constantly and serve as Cultural Ambassadors to the U.S. Embarking on a number of government-sponsored tours. To learn more about these two amazing bands, check out their web-sites below and their tour dates:

Terrance Simien: 


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