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Steve Winwood – Photo of The Week

Steve Winwood – Traffic

Steve Winwood. Performs with the band Traffic, Steve is this week’s “Photo of the week”. Furthermore, going back to 1970, Winwood performs with the band at the Anson Rooms, Bristol University Students Union. Also, in Traffic is Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood and Dave Mason. With Leanings more towards heavy prog and a psychedelic sound.

This is what makes them great because of the diversity and instrumentation in their music.  By using various instruments like keyboards, harpsichord, sitar, a mellotron and reed instruments. Mixed with improvisational jazz, The quartet leaves quite an imprint in the music scene.

In 1968, shortly after the release of “Dear Mr. Fantasy”, Dave Mason decides to leave due to artistic differences. When, Winwood and Capaldi want to go in a different direction. More like a folk and blues side of things. Mason wants to continue the psychedelic aspect. Off and on He comes back for a few months in 1968, long enough to contribute a majority of the songs on their second album, Traffic.

During this time, Winwood and Wood perform with Jimi Hendrix and appear on “The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s” 1968 double album Electric Ladyland. While things seem to be going well, Windwood decides to leave Traffic and in 1969 the band is dissolved.

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