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Steve Howe – Photo of The Week

Steve Howe – Photo of The Week

Steve Howe – Photo of The Week! On November 28, 1974, the classic prog rock band Yes plays the Miami Jai-Alai Fronton in Miami. Consequently, some people like to debate whether it is in Hollywood or in Miami. Despite the sketchy details from friends and relatives, they confirm the venue is the Miami Fronton. Furthermore, photographer Philip Buonpastore captures Steve Howe live on stage.   

The Overview

The show and visuals are over the top! While the backdrop behind them is a screen shape that looks like wings behind them with a set of ribs and lungs. During one of the Tales numbers, it undulates to the music. Again, sketchy details from those who were there. They miss Wakeman from the performance but also said that Patrick Moraz held his own and that he did a great job! Lastly, there was a lot of comments about an epic guitar solo from Steve Howe from the Relayer or Tales album. 

Band Lineup: 

Jon Anderson (Vocals), Steve Howe (Guitars), Patrick Moraz (Keyboards), Chris Squire (Bass) and Alan White (Drums)


Firebird Suite, Sound Chaser (Relayer), Close To The Edge (Close To The Edge), To Be Over (Relayer), Gates Of Delirium, The (Relayer), And You And I (Close To The Edge), Ritual (Tales From Topographic Oceans), Roundabout (Fragile) and Siberian Khatru (Close To The Edge).

For those of you Yes fans that still have your vinyl, kudos to you because you can play this band anytime. For the others, you can also stream the band’s music as well. Although, it truly sounds way better on vinyl. Just saying from a kid who grew up in a great time of music. Enjoy!

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