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Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, and Victor Wooten

Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, and Victor Wooten

Live Vienne France – Three great electric bass players, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, and Victor Wooten, showing off! SMV is a bass guitar supergroup forming in 2008. The group’s name comes from the first initials of each of its members. Musical pairings can be interesting especially when the whole band plays the same instrument! One would think that egos would get in the way but when these three guys perform together.  But instead, there’s a beautiful synergy between all of them of them that makes for an amazing showdown of bass-playing bliss.  

Performing Live Vienne France

Effortlessly performing together, one can honestly say that they each have their own unique style which might be why it works. When watching this video, it reminds me of the pandemonium style of George Clinton and the P-Funk all-stars with the same great musical moments but not the outrageousness. Either way, it definitely caught our attention which is why we’re showing it the appreciation it deserves. Three of the best bass players in the world. Coming from a creative perspective and precision standpoint, these guys take it to another level.

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