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Stampeders – Video of the Week!

Stampeders – Video of the Week!

Stampeders – Who is this band? And why are they on every 70’s classic rock compilations, music streams and collections to this day? Because, just like Mungo Jerry’s song “In The Summertime” and a few others, it has crossover appeal!

While they became one of Canada’s Top Rock Bands of the 70s. “Sweet City Woman” from their debut album “Against The Grain” retitled “(Sweet City Woman” in the U.S.) crossed over on radio stations in a good way! Plus, it’s one of those songs that brings back a lot of memories of growing up in this classic rock era. 

Hailing from Calgary Alberta, this band goes on to become a household name between 1971 and 1976, with four songs reaching Top-30 in the U.S and ten Top-5 singles in Canada. Furthermore, the musicians behind the song include Rich Dodson, Kim Berly, and Ronnie King.

How good were these guys? Besides all the accolades they receive, just the three of them manages to create an iconic song that still reverberates in the minds of people 50 years later. While they may not be recognized for it, all three of them have a place in universal music history.

Over the years they record nine albums, with most of them receiving gold and platinum status. “Sweet City Woman” goes on to become a classic and a standard in the world of rock music. Plus, it’s one of the Top-10 most-recognizable songs of the 70’s. Another thing to consider, is that one of the primary instruments is a banjo, or is it? Maybe a pedal or guitar sound effect? Not sure! Either way it fits perfectly in the song! 


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Video: The Stampeders – Sweet City Woman – TopPop

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