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Soul Train – B.B. King & Bobby Blue Bland

Soul Train Presents B.B. King & Bobby Blue Bland

Soul Train Presents B.B. King and Bobby Blue Bland performing together.  The 1975 performance was to promote an album they did together.  It was titled “Together For The First Time” and for some critics, they didn’t quite warm up to it.  Don Cornelius when talking about the album, said it perfectly, “People shouldn’t write about things they don’t understand.”   

The Performance

You can tell these guys were having a great time performing together.  The interplay between the two musicians during the performance is priceless!  It’s also one of only two performances that was live on Soul Train.  The other live performance was James Brown. Two legends in the world of the Blues, have nothing but fun time working together.  A phenomenal live performance, which captures the joy they share in their work.  

The duo later recorded Bobby Bland and B.B. King Together Again…Live. Bland and King toured together extensively in the 1970’s and 1980’s, which did much to keep their careers alive during a period of otherwise popular decline for the blues genre.

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