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Soul Man to Soul Man – James Brown & Sam Moore

John Landis’ Blues Brothers 2000, the second iteration of the Blues Brothers cinematic saga saw Dan Akyroid’s character Elwood Blues released from prison after serving time for the events occured in the first film. While trying to get the band back together, he is met with resistance and faces the challenge with the same kind of shenanigans that led to his infamy in the first place. The haphazard and harebrained schemes lead to inevitable trouble, and the movie ends once again with the Blues Brothers being chased in the Bluesmobile, but not before they encounter some old friends and new musical rivals, the Louisiana Gator Boys, which was comprised of every big blues name you can think of, from B.B. King and Dr. John to Eric Clapton and Jimmie Vaughan. 

While the sequel did not reach the critical or commercial success (or the coveted cult film status) of its 1980 predecessor, the film did manage to round up some excellent talent and produce some unforgettable collaborations. Several of the stars from the original movie passed away before the sequel was released, namely protagonist John Belushi, John Candy, and Cab Calloway, but many others returned, including James Brown, who reprised his role as Reverend Cleophus James.

In this publicity still from the film we see Sam Moore as Reverend Morris, a role which fulfilled Moore’s childhood dream of being a preacher. In the previous scene, Moore had just belted out “John the Revelator” to his congregation, and is now joined by Reverend James and Joe Morton’s Cab Blues. Cab, previously Commander Cabel Chamberlain, who despite initial hesitation, and actually on his way to arrest the Blues Brothers, eventually joins the band after an epiphany brought about from an invocation of both reverends. Together, the three of them bring the church to its feet in an ecclesiastical clamor before the Blues Brothers are once again on the run.


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