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Son House – Bukka White – Video of The Week

Son House – Bukka White – Video of The Week

Eddie “Son” House and Booker T. Washington “Bukka” White were giant figures in the annals of American music. Both were passionate purveyors of their native Mississippi Delta music and of slide guitar. Both were seminal figures, not only through their association with legendary blues pioneer Charley Patton, but also in the strong influence Mississippi blues has had on this century’s music from Robert Johnson to Muddy Waters, all the way to Eric Clapton.

This is old blues, as close to first generation as you can get on film. Two different styles both very emotional and amazing. Son House gives an emotional performance, but his performance is too short.  His conversation about his life during his performance (though limited) gives good insight to his personality and his perspective of life. That alone is worth watching the video.

Bukka White’s performance is also excellent. No one quite plays and sings like Bukka. He has a driving style of playing and a voice like none other. One song is on a piano, which shows a different aspect of Bukka, I wasn’t aware of before. I’ve seen two films of Bukka and this one is the best. Furthermore, the performances were originally recorded for the Seattle Folk Society.

It’s just some amazing vintage live performances that highlight two great blues musicians and narrated by Taj Mahal. As well as a DVD for it floating around the internet. Enjoy!

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