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Smoove and Turrell – Bringing The Funk!

Smoove and Turrell – Bringing The Funk!

So, Smoove & Turrell are a British group hailing from Gateshead in the North East of England. Furthermore, they like to play a style of music they describe as “Northern Funk”, which is a fusion of genres. Mostly a contemporary fusion of funk, soul, northern soul, hip-hop and electronica. The band is Jonathan Scott Watson (known as Smoove) and singer / songwriter John Turrell. 

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The Story Behind the Band

The story of these guys begins in the post millennium North East of England with a group of working-class lads with a shared passion for soul. Smoove had met keyboardist Mike Porter through the local music scene in Newcastle and recruits him for his ‘Smoove Live’ project for the label Acid Jazz.

While some might think these guys are just goofing off and having fun, which they are. But there’s more to these guys than what meets the eye. They’re also really great musicians, singers, and DJ’s. While sometimes they recreate their favorite tracks from other artists, they have fans following them all over the world. No surprise here especially after checking out the videos. They’re having a blast doing what they love!

Their debut album Antique Soul releases in 2009 on Jalapeno Records. Shortly after they find a friend named Craig Charles who plays their music and show support for them through his show ‘The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show’.

Next, they release their 2nd album, “Eccentric Audio” which helps the band tour while building them a really strong fan base. After a while they get some love from BBC radio and many other outlets supporting them.

In 2019, They’re celebrating 10 years with the release of “Solid Brass – 10 Years of Northern Funk.” Their latest releases are the 2020 Stratos Bleu & Stratos Bleu the remix album. Both are fantastic and should be checked out! Their music is also available through all the popular streaming sites. Enjoy! 

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