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Sly Stone – At Madison Square Garden

Sly Stone – At Madison Square Garden

As the leader of Sly and the Family Stone, who explodes onto the music scene in the late ’60s. Also, they smash boundaries with their innovative, infectious, and exuberant blend of rock, soul, and funk. Some of their popular songs include ‘Everyday People,’ ‘Dance to the Music’ and ‘Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin).’  Even more, Sly & The Family stone’s music is pivotal in the development of funk, soul, rock, and psychedelic music. While it’s a concert performance that night, it’s also the night Sly Stone marry’s his then girlfriend.

Before the band’s June 5 concert at Madison Square Garden, the most prestigious venue in the music world. ‘Soul Train’ host Don Cornelius serves as the MC, talk show host Geraldo Rivera is an usher. While Stephen Paley serves as best man. Ultra-popular designer Roy Halston creates elaborate, futuristic gold outfits for the happy couple. These Elaborate plans call for a laser-light show, a real-life “angel” flying on wires dropping gold glitter all over the crowd, and much more over the top antics. It’s The Wedding Concert! Crazy times in 1974.

While the marriage doesn’t last long and the couple divorces in 1976, the music still continues. Furthermore, Stone steps away from the public eye. Only releasing new songs and records every so often as well as public appearances. In 2011, he contributes three songs to an all-star tribute album titled ‘I’m Back! Family & Friends.’  In the meantime, you can stream Sly & The Family Stone on most streaming platforms.

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