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Shoka Okubo Blues Project

Shoka Okubo Blues Project

The Shoka Okubo Blues Project. There’s not too much information about them. We feel they are worthy of a shoutout!  Hailing from Chosei village, Chiba, Japan, this performance just proves how much the blues genre is crossing boundaries and countries. As well as, having social media sites in the U.S. where you can keep up with them.

Their Music Influences

Like the rest of us blues music geeks, their influences are T-Bone Walker, B.B.King, James Cotton. Along with Aretha Franklin, John Lee Hooker, Laura Lee, Inez Andrews, Caravans, Davis Sisters, Clarke Sisters.  As you can see, they have great taste in music!  Check out the Otis Rush/Willie Dixon’s “I can’t quit you baby”. 

The Members: 

Shoka Okubo who is 25 years old and plays the guitar & vocals, Makotomo Sonohara is the drummer and Juna Serita is the bassist and backup vocals.  

Also have no fear, the blues is here to stay and continue to grow through future generations. It’s quite refreshing to see these kind of things happening.

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