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Shake Anderson – Blues Highlight

Shake Anderson – Music From The Soul

Sam ‘Shake’ Anderson is a soulful artist who sings from the heart. When you listen to his music, you feel every emotion permeating from his soul. Furthermore, his music takes you to church and back while leaving you wanting more. Recording and touring since he was nine years old, this is one artist that has gone down a lot of avenues of music and beyond. His lyrics tell more than just his story. They tell your story. Shake develops melodies that provoke emotion, using vocals and instrumentation that elicit a raw edginess. Furthermore, check out his vocal range below:

The Many Paths of Shake Anderson

A multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer. Working with artists as varied as Bruce Hornsby, Static Major, Steve Cropper, Aretha Franklin, The Indigo Girls. As well as The Spice Girls, Days Of The New, Warren Haynes, Curtis Mayfield, Aliyah, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and more! Even working for six years as musical director for soul music legends “The Impressions”. But wait there’s more! He’s also worked with a wide variety of Christian artists.  Like I said, he’s travels down many roads for the love of music. Even working on several films and performing at iconic music venues all over the world. This just proves that this artist shows a lot of dedication to his craft. 

Shake Anderson at NuLu Fest Louisville, KY Sept. 28, 2013

Shake Anderson headlines an All-Star ensemble of world-class musicians, including The Legendary “Colonel” Steve Cropper, Victor Wooten of Bela Fleck and The Flecktones, Chester Thompson of Genesis, Taylor Pace, Darrell Tibbs, Joel Goodwin, Mark “Lupe” Hamilton and Background Singers Totally Dedicated.  

The Motivation Behind The Music

Shake, whose real name is Sammy Louis Anderson, learned the most about life when an illness stopped him in his tracks. He was told he would never perform again and had only several months to live. Life as he had known it was over. While spending more than nine months in the hospital and being told he was dying, he learned who he really was.

Not Shake as the world called him, but Sammy Louis as his doctor’s referred to him. This crisis in his life taught him what is truly important. Shake conquers a lot of obstacles in his life and rebuilt the life he has now. Through music, these “chapters” or stories about making mistakes, learning lessons and moments of rebirth have guided him to a better path.

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