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September 7-13 Birthdays

September 7-13 Birthdays

September 7-13 Birthdays this week features Little Milton, Guitar Shorty, Otis Redding, Barbecue Bob, Shawn Amos, and Charles Brown.

Little Milton – 9/7/1934

James Milton Campbell was born in the Mississippi Delta by a farmer and blues musician. By the time he was twelve he was already performing on the streets, playing the music by his primary influence T-Bone Walker. He caught the attention of Ike Turner who was able to get him a deal with the popular label, Sun Records. After some of his albums began to wane, he decided to try his talents as a producer and worked with Albert King and Fontella Bass and helped to jump start their careers.  Milton died in 2005 at the age of 70 due to a stroke.

Guitar Shorty – 9/8/1939

Texas-born singer-songwriter and guitarist known for his highly energetic and fierce playing style.  Shorty has been entertaining his audiences for five decades with his supercharged live shows and his incendiary recordings. As well as, influencing Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Guy.

Otis Redding – 9/9/1941

It’s hard to imagine that someone who lived only until he was 26 could warrant so many nicknames. “The Big O,” “The Man From Macon,” “Rockhouse Redding,” and “The King Of Soul.” Otis Redding was one of the most popular soul and RnB singers in the 60’s. Furthermore, in the history of popular music, Redding is still considered one of the greatest singers in music. Redding’s influence spans several generations and genres and will always have a place in our hearts!  He wrote and recorded one of the most famous songs in history “Sittin’ On The Dock of The Bay” shorty before a fatal plane crash in 1967.

Robert Hicks AKA Barbecue Bob – 9/11/1902

One of the early Piedmont blues guitarists and vocalists who helped pioneer the genre and influenced future generations of musicians. Hicks was born in a small town in Georgia where his parents were farmers. A friend and later fellow blues musician Curly Weaver’s mother taught them both how to play the guitar. Hicks gained his nickname “Barbeque Bob” from working as a line cook in a local restaurant. The name stayed with him as a musician. Although, his music career was short, he was still able to record 68 different tracks. Along with developing the “flailing style of guitar playing that is associated with claw hammer on the banjo.” Sadly, he died in 1931 at the age of 29 due to tuberculosis.

Shawn Amos – 9/13/1967

Your mind, like mine, when reading the name Amos probably immediately went to the iconic beige cookie bag with blue writing; and funny enough, you wouldn’t be far off. Shawn Amos is the youngest son of the Famous Amos cookie company’s founder Wally Amos. Amos has been infatuated with music since he was a young boy and loved performing for whoever would listen.

In between recording and performing, he opened Amos Content Group, providing content for digital media companies. Now, at 50 years young, Amos has released his third studio album, and continues to tour around the US.

Tony Brown AKA Charles Brown – 9/13/1922

Blues and R&B pianist remembered for his mellow vocals and soft, jazz influenced style of playing. He would be an influential figure for the likes of Ray Charles and Floyd Dixon with such songs as “Driftin’ Blues”, “Merry Christmas Baby” (both with Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers) and “Black Night”.

September 7-13 – That it for this week’s birthdays! Be sure to check back next week!

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