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Sarah Rogo, Joe Bonamassa & Jimmy Vivino

Sarah Rogo, Joe Bonamassa and Jimmy Vivino

Sarah Rogo has all the characteristics and markings of a full-fledged Californian, and she is, now anyway. Hailing from the New England area, with heavy snow, she decides to make San Diego her home. While in the process of making her mark on the local San Diego music scene.  When she isn’t singing, playing guitar, or writing songs, Rogo is out surfing the waves and taking in the local beach scene. Something she has always dreamt of while growing up on the opposite coast.  

Sarah Rogo’s story of being a musician is a little different than most. She begins writing songs and conceptualizing what they would sound like even before she knew how to play an instrument. In our opinion this is quite beneficial. Like an artist painting without having a basic concept of his piece, it may turn out great, but the process is more complicated.

Rogo’s musical style is as free willed as the personality that shines through her voice and instrument.  Furthermore, her music is described as a blend of folk, Americana, and singer-songwriter. But, when Rogo isn’t playing an acoustic dobro or slide guitar, she is jamming out on her electric with soul and blues-drenched tunes like below where she is sharing a stage with Joe Bonamassa and Jimmy Vivino.

Jimmy Vivino

Jimmy Vivino is an American guitarist, keyboard player, singer, producer, and music director. Known as the leader of Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band, the house band for the TBS late night program Conan. He was also a member of The Tonight Show Band, the house band on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.

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