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Sarah Rogo is Surfing The Blues Wave

Blonde hair, hip free-flowing sun dresses, no shoes, and a happy demeanor; Sarah Rogo has all the characteristics and markings of a full-fledged Californian, and she is, now anyway. Sarah Rogo is actually from the New England area, but after years of trudging through snow and hating the blistering cold weather, the 25-year-old decided to California and is now making her mark on the local San Diego music scene.

When she isn’t singing, playing guitar, or writing songs, Rogo is out surfing the waves, something she has always dreamt of while growing up on the opposite coast: “Everyone in my family has always known California was my home,” she says. “Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve dreamt of being a surfer.” Actually, it seems like she is living out all of her childhood dreams which is important but unfortunately rare in our society.

Sarah Rogo’s story of becoming a musician is a little different than most. She began writing songs and conceptualizing what they would sound like even before she knew how to play an instrument. In my opinion this can actually be beneficial; think about an artist just painting without having a basic concept of his piece, it may turn out great, but the process would be more complicated.

Rogo’s musical style is as free-willed as the personality that shines through her voice and instrument. She can usually be seen with a dobro or slide guitar like the one in the picture above. Most of her music can be described as a blend of folk, Americana, and singer-songwriter. But, when Rogo isn’t playing an acoustic, she is jamming out on her electric with soul and blues-drenched tunes like the time she shared a stage with Joe Bonamassa and Jimmy Vivino.

Sarah is still touring around California and is steadily making a name for herself in the scene. Don’t miss her on the 2019 KTBA cruise to Grand Cayman!


Patrick Ortiz 

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