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Santana – Photo of The Week

Santana – Photo of The Week

Santana had just recorded their very first album and the band was in the preparatory stages of releasing it. In the meantime, they were getting ready for a gig. Playing a show is nothing uncommon for the San Francisco Bay Area band, as it turns out, this particular gig is going to change the lives of everyone in the band. The name of the gig is Woodstock and this photo is from the event!

Bill Graham, the founder of the Fillmore and Fillmore East saw something in Santana. With their Latin roots, rich percussion, and lead axe man Carlos Santana’s distinctive and expressive guitar tone, Santana is unlike anything else happening in rock.

Graham knew that they could be enormous. He just needs to get them in front of the right audience. And to accomplish this he has an idea. Bill Graham in 1969 is working on the Woodstock project. The outdoor festival of peace, love, and music which goes on to become the most historic and legendary concert in all of rock history. It therefore has the power to make or break a band.

What would it do for Santana? Well for Carlos, who took some mescaline it did a lot. For instance, they are set to perform later that night, they unfortunately had to go on during the day. Next, Carlos and the rest of the band arrive to talk to the organizers. Needless to say, they’re told that if they don’t play, they will lose their spot in the festival.

So, the band performs as he watches his Red Gibson SG morph into a slithering snake in his hands. Yet, he keeps playing through everything despite the hallucinations. Maybe, Santana finds spirituality at the time? Not Sure but maybe. 

On The Map! 

Well, they’re no longer just a band from San Francisco anymore. They won several Grammy Awards. As well as selling millions of albums and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And still today Carlos and his band are still going strong. 

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Credits: GHC40M – Santana – WOODSTOCK USA 1969 CARLOS SANTANA – Taken by kpa Publicity Stills

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